Favorite Sights in San Francisco

Welcome to my blog! I’m a photographer and traveler with an all-around love for creativity. While I hope to fill this site with photos from my adventures, my inaugural post is dedicated to the photogenic place I call home: the San Francisco Bay Area.

Two of my favorite qualities of the Bay Area are how gorgeous it is and the endless number of photo spots one can find. Whether you like taking portraits, capturing the splendor of architecture or snapping natural landscapes, there are plenty of subjects to shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite places to go snap-happy in SF, along with tips for getting the perfect photo.

Towering Trees in Muir Woods National Monument
Just north of the city, Muir Woods National Monument is a forest of old-growth, coastal redwood trees, with miles of hiking trails, a creek and more to explore.

For the best photos and all-around experience, get there early! The morning light shining through the trees–and avoiding the rush for parking–will be worth the early morning wake-up.

Captured during an early morning hike in Muir Woods.

Painted Ladies
After the Golden Gate Bridge, this row of darling Victorian houses is probably the most photographed and recognizable sightseeing spot in San Francisco–and understandably so! If you stand at just the right angle, and farther up the hill of Alamo Square Park, the downtown skyline makes a contrasting, stunning backdrop to the historic homes.

The Painted Ladies, with downtown in the background, on a cloudy day.

Local Neighborhoods
The famous Painted Ladies are just a sampling of the unique, colorful homes you’ll find in the city. From the classic and Victorian-inspired to the modern and minimal, you’ll find unique, photogenic homes scattered all over the city.

Pastel houses in San Francisco

In addition to great food, this district of San Francisco is teeming with color and life. From the shockingly colored buildings and paper lanterns to stocked shops and active parks, you could shoot here all day.

For even more added photo fun, check the local events calendar to see when special events, such as fairs and celebrations, are taking place.

Colorful signs and paper lanterns decorate the streets of Chinatown.

Crissy Field
Hands down, this is my favorite spot to get the classic capture of the Golden Gate Bridge. While it does require a bit of walking, you’ll get a stunning view of the bridge and the beach. As you walk farther along the shore, heading closer to the bridge, you’ll also catch a glimpse of the city skyline.

This location epitomizes San Francisco, with a lovely angle of the Golden Gate Bridge… and the fog. Check the weather and the sky before heading over; the bridge may be shrouded in grey on a cloudy day.

Bonus tip: The sunset and the bridge are to your left here, and the view rather blinding when you look in that direction. Probably not ideal for a late afternoon/early evening photo location.

The view from Crissy Field on a sunny day.

Where are your favorite photo spots in San Francisco? Let me know!


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